The Most Patient Fans on Earth


During the last Winter Olympics in 2014, I really got a kick out of watching the hockey portion of things. They were great – the best players in the world playing a wide-open style and doing it for their respective countries. When they ended, I put up a snarky Facebook post saying “Now I will […]

A kid’s meal toy that parents will love.


I recently wrote an article for The Buffalo News/Gusto on a kid’s meal toy that we love and actually use. Yep, most are tossed out, broken or forgotten – but, this is pretty neat. Not this, though. It’s pretty cool so I thought I’d share it here for Totally Buffalo readers to check out! You […]

Weekly Sports Complainer: The Acceptance of Tom Brady


Me to Group: “Hi, my name is Scott and I’ve accepted that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time.” Group Response: “Hi Scott.” More important than accepting it, I’ve decided to appreciate it. That’s the key to my sanity as a pro football fan, and particularly as a Bills fan. Yes, Tom Brady is […]