Our Spotlight Interview with former WKBW Anchor – Joanna Pasceri

Joanna Pasceri has always been one of my favorite news friends.  She’s sweet, smart, sassy, and beautiful on the inside and out. Sometimes people think we can’t get along with our competition – but that is simply not the case. I loved seeing Joanna out on stories (although once she became the main anchor at […]

September 11th – My memories as a reporter.

It was – as we all remember – a beautiful Tuesday morning. I got up, got dressed, got coffee and brought my sweet girls to school. Maria was in Kindergarten and Lex was in the first grade. Then I went to work. To be honest, much of the next few hours are a total blur. […]

BIG NEWS – The Festival is now a TWO-DAY event!

We’ve received so much feedback, support and interest that we have decided to make our Totally Buffalo 716MAS a TWO-DAY Event! The event will take place on Saturday and Sunday (December 2 and 3) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m at Buffalo RiverWorks (369 Ganson Street)  It is going to be a massive shop LOCAL […]