Santa for children with Special Needs. How great is that!

This is such an amazing idea. Families with special needs can have a special visit with Santa Claus. Santa Cares is for families with sensory concerns, such as parents of children with autism. They provide a time and place dedicated specifically to those families to meet with Santa and have their photo taken. It takes […]

Scinta family says… their show will go on

Sad update:  Family has confirmed that Joey Scinta has passed away.     Dan Ellis wants it to be clear to everyone – that the show will continue as a way to honor Joey Scinta. “We just want to ensure that no assumptions will be made regarding the show. THE SHOW WILL GO ON. We […]

Wear Purple Friday to celebrate and remember premature babies.

I saw a post dripping in purple. It was a great reminder from a wonderful mom – for all of us to wear purple on Friday, November 17th. Why? Well – if you didn’t know, it’s World Prematurity Day! World Prematurity Day is observed on November 17 each year. It aims to raise awareness about […]